Festivals & Events for Chile Pepper Lovers

2012 Chili Cook-Off
2012 chili cook-off, Stone Mountain, GA

Do you really love chile peppers and spicy foods? If you're in the mood for a little travel, there's a number of events to attend.

Festivals included are dedicated to hot sauces, spicy foods, or simply celebrating chiles. We intentionally didn't include chili cook-offs as there's far too many that they'd crowd out the more dedicated chile festivals.

If we've missed an event, be sure to let us know. Also, if you're looking for an excuse to enjoy a few chiles with friends at home and have a mini-festival, there are plenty of year-round holidays that can be celebrated anywhere.

Most Festival Dates for 2021 are TBD

Due to COVID-19, many of the 2020 festivals were canceled – and many have yet to announce plans for 2021 (shown as tbd below). Only couple of the festivals listed below have set dates for 2021. One has been officially postponed until 2022 and another has gone virtual. The dates below reflect what has currently been announced for 2021. We'll continue to monitor festival websites and will update this list as new information is made available.

2021 Calendar of Events

The Chile Pepper Institute in Las Cruces, NM (virtual)
February 2nd
Albuquerque, NM
March 4-6th, 2022 (postponed to 2022)
Pinellas Park, FL
tbd (plans not yet announced for 2021)
Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY
April 17-18th
Bethel, PA
tbd (date not yet announced for 2021)
Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Irving, TX
June 4-6th
Austin, TX
tbd (usually the 3rd or 4th Sunday in August)
Hatch, NM
tbd (usually a 2 day event over Labor Day weekend)
Bowers, PA
tbd (usually in 2nd week of September)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
tbd (usually a Saturday or Sunday in mid-late September)
Auburn, CA
tbd (usually in mid-September)
Easton, PA
tbd (usually the 3rd Saturday in September)
Union Avenue Historic District, Pueblo, CO
September 24th
Roosevelt Row Chile Pepper Festival
Phoenix, AZ
tbd (their old website is no longer functional, will keep looking for new info)
St. Augustine, FL
tbd (usaully the weekend of the first Saturday in October)
Scottsdale, AZ
tbd (typically 2nd or 3rd weekend in October)

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